Today is the first of five monthly sessions presented by Holony Media at the Delaware Area Chamber of Commerce as part of their Business Education and Development (B.E.D.) program. We’ll be sharing insights on topics ranging from website design to search engine optimization (SEO) and effective online advertising.

Below is an outline of our presentation topics and slide decks will be made available online after each session. For more information on the Chamber’s B.E.D. program, please visit

May Session

What the Internet Means to Your Business in 2015 (And Beyond)

Curious how the internet really impacts your business? (Hint: It’s more than a glorified phone book.) Get up to speed on recent research and explore how consumers and businesses are using the internet in 2015. Bust common myths and learn the benefits of embracing the web.

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June Session

Improving Your Website: Best Practices for a Winning Web Presence

The days of slapping a web address on your business card and cheering “mission accomplished” are long gone. Go beyond the basics and learn best practices for achieving a modern web presence that delivers results.

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July Session

Marketing in the Internet Age: Understanding Options, Avoiding Missteps, and Maximizing Your Budget

The internet is the most powerful marketing tool in existence, but the options and complexity can be dizzying. This crash course will explore the online marketing ecosystem, detail common scams and missteps, and help you make better use of your marketing and advertising budget.

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August Session

Getting Found Online: The Ins and Outs of Google

Google is the most essential online marketing channel. Facebook, Classified Ads, Yellow Pages, Angie’s List — all pale in comparison. Consumers who are ready to buy start on Google. Learn how it works, why it’s so important, and how your business can capitalize.

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September Session

Thinking Like a Publisher: An Introduction to Content Marketing

How do you stand out in a world that’s so darn noisy? You think like a publishing company. Enter the exciting world of content marketing and learn how to attract and retain an audience using relevant, valuable content. See how infographics, blog posts, podcasts, and other forms of content can engage consumers who are otherwise tuning out traditional “disruptive” advertising.

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