BlogDigital Marketing Truths for Small Business Owners

You’ve no doubt heard the expression “Rome wasn’t built in a day“. Well, the same holds true for digital marketing. Business owners can’t expect to set up shop and instantly attract a massive following of adoring fans waiting to buy their wares. Digital marketing takes effort, dedication to long-term growth, and a willingness to be creative instead of following the herd. If you’re a business owner determined to see your company succeed, commit the following five digital marketing truths to mind.

Understand Audience Demographics

Just because social media gurus are touting the benefits of a specific outreach method, that doesn’t mean you should heed their advice. Not every platform is right for every business. While Snapchat might be awesome for some companies, it could be a complete waste of time for your business. Have a clear understanding of your core demographic (both now and into the future) and use that information to drive your marketing efforts.

Ensure Marketing Initiatives are Aligned

Speaking of marketing efforts, you need to ensure your outreach initiatives are aligned across all departments. Your digital marketing strategy, social media marketing strategy, and content marketing strategy all need to be aligned with the same goal in mind. Failure to focus on relevant goals can have your marketing teams working in opposite directions. Regular brand strategy sessions are crucial to ensure your teams are working towards a common goal.

Optimize for Long-Term Growth Not Short-Term Vanity Metrics

Far too many business owners focus on short-term goals like increased website visits or social media follower counts. Those metrics mean nothing if consumer connections don’t result in sales at some point in the future. Ensure your digital marketing strategy is optimized for sales growth, not popularity. Vanity metrics don’t pay the bills; long-term sales growth is what you’re looking for.

Use Trend Analysis to Uncover Growth Opportunities

Trend analysis can have a significant impact on your business’ success rate. While other business owners are hopping on the latest trend, your team can be developing business forecasts based off of upcoming trends. Use everything from international app trends to startup development trends to get a clear idea of where your market is heading. Angel investors and venture capitalists are often funding startup sectors long before trends become apparent to the general public. Learn to watch patterns in startup funding and you’ll be amazed at the growth opportunities you uncover for your business.

Consistency is Key Regardless of Strategy

Regardless of the diversity of your digital marketing strategy, your efforts will all be for naught if you are not consistent. From business blogging to social media networking, your outreach efforts need to be consistent over the long haul. A business blog can take years to develop; don’t stop posting just because you don’t see any SEO benefit in a month or two. The same goes for social networking; continue to share premium content your audience finds helpful and your following will grow over time.

Digital marketing is like building a jigsaw puzzle. It may take some time to get all the pieces to fit together, but your results will be spectacular if you continue to work at building a cohesive picture. Will you be putting extra effort into your business’ digital marketing strategy this year?

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