Content marketing is crucial if you want to run a successful online business in 2022.  Content marketing allows entrepreneurs and their businesses to maintain and grow their audience (and potential customer base) by sharing content online through means such as blog articles, podcasts, and videos.  

The ultimate goal of content marketing is to reach more customers and keep your business at the forefront of your customer’s minds when it comes time to make a purchase.  If you can successfully engage with your customers digitally, it will pay off exponentially.  However, it is not easy to do.  Ideally, you should work on your online presence continually.

To stay at the forefront of the content marketing game, you need to stay on top of the trends in the industry.  Read on to discover seven trends you need to watch for in 2022.  

1.    More Engaging Visuals

The expression “content is king” rings true in many ways.  However, if you want potential customers to stay on your webpage longer, you need to make sure your content is engaging.  One of the easiest ways to do that in 2022 is to add more engaging visuals.  User experience is crucial if you want your potential sales prospects to stay engaged with your content.  Additionally, more engaging visuals such as augmented reality are becoming much more prevalent.  This allows businesses to create superior user experiences that will stand out in their customer’s minds and keep their business at the forefront of their customer’s thoughts.   

2.    Video

Although many think of blogging or other forms of written content when they think of content marketing, it is a huge mistake to ignore video.  This is especially true in 2022.  Many people spend a large portion of their day watching videos, and many people turn to video content when they are thinking of making a purchase.  Videos can help capture the attention of your current customers and potential customers. In addition, videos can help keep visitors on your web page, giving you more of a chance to convert a sale.  You can incorporate video into your content marketing strategy in various ways.  For example, you can make how-to or other informational videos or stream live videos.  Whatever you do, as long as your videos are engaging and can draw in an audience, you are sure to reach more customers.   

3.    Podcasts

In 2022, audio content like podcasts will only continue to get more popular.  Podcasts allow you to reach a wider audience than you may not reach otherwise.  Through audio, you can connect with customers in a way that you cannot with written content.  You can share personal anecdotes and stories while still highlighting positive aspects of your business and sharing ways to help people. In addition, you can convey emotions and provide a personal connection that can help listeners learn to resonate with you and your business through your voice.  

4.    Improved SEO

Successful content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) go hand in hand.  If you provide valuable content, your content is more likely to perform well on the search engine rankings.  However, if you want searchers to read your content, you must ensure it is SEO optimized.  You will also want to make sure that you target the right keywords for your business.  If you can target keywords that your potential customers will be searching for that your business can capitalize on when you appear in the search results, you will be ahead of the game.   

5.    AI-Powered Content

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the way of the future, and you can begin this future in 2022.  AI is only expected to become more and more integrated with our daily lives, increasing your business’s productivity.  As a business owner, you can use AI for everything from analyzing data about how your content is performing to writing the content itself.  With AI tools like Jarvis, you can greatly reduce the time needed to write optimized content and create more marketable content.  This can ultimately allow your employees to focus on other things while still creating quality content.   

6.    Content More Tailored to Specific Customers

You must optimize content for search engines to reach as many customers as possible.  However, it is even more crucial to target your content to specific customers in 2022.  When you target specific customers, you can speak specifically to them and increase your chances of attracting them to your business.  You can use the language that they would use, speak specifically to their pain points, and anticipate any needs that they may have.  You can also build custom landing pages to target specific potential markets.   

7.    Keeping Information Updated

More than ever in 2022, it is important to keep your content updated if you want to stay on top of your content marketing game.  In today’s day and age, people rely on the content that they find online for everything from making decisions about their lives and money to making purchase decisions.  You must keep your website’s content accurate to ensure that you provide the best value to your customers or potential customers.  This is especially crucial if you are in an industry where things change quickly and your previously published content is not evergreen.  If people click on your webpage from the search results and discover your information is inaccurate or out-of-date, they will leave your page quickly.  This can lead to a high bounce rate, hurting your search rankings.  This can ultimately lead to your webpage getting fewer clicks.  In contrast, keeping your content updated in 2022 can lead to your content having a new life, ultimately improving your search rankings and giving potential customers a better chance to discover your business.   


In conclusion, in 2022, you must make your content stand out.  You need to ensure that your content is valuable and provides a superior user experience.  If you can provide informative, engaging content that draws in your target audience, you are sure to attract more potential leads that may just become paying customers. 

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