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We’re going to use this post to keep track of resources related to Google’s social network Google+ (pronounced “Google Plus”). If you have a resource that we’re missing, feel free to share it in the comments and we will get it added.

Google Plus Basics

  • Establishing a personal Google+ profile – This is simply a link to the network’s homepage, where you can sign in with your Google Account (or create one) and setup your personal profile. This is just like creating a profile on Facebook and is necessary before establishing a page for your business or organization.
  • Establishing a Google+ business page – With your personal profile created, you can now move on to creating a page for your business. This link will take you to the Google+ for Business homepage where you can get started.

Google Plus Guides and Articles

  • Google+: The Complete Guide – This is Mashable’s guide to Google+ and it contains everything you need to know, including what makes the social network unique and why it is worth paying attention to.
  • Google+ Cheat Sheet – Picture of hotkeys and shortcuts that make using Google+ easier.

Beyond the Basics


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