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Grove City’s Covenant Church launched a “I Luv My Church” album on their Facebook page over the weekend, displaying dozens of parishioners holding signs that read “I love my church” and the web address This is an excellent example of using social media and digital marketing to increase awarenessencourage engagement, and drive traffic.

Instead of simply sharing images on their page and leaving it at that, the church encouraged people to use the photos as their profile pictures on Facebook, which most did. This allowed the organization to take advantage of Facebook’s true power: leveraging their fans’ connections to expand the reach of their content.  Think of all the people who liked, commented, and shared those images!

Components of the Campaign

It doesn’t get much easier than this. When you look at what Covenant did, there really isn’t much to it:

  1. A microsite built specifically for the campaign – This simple, one page website is separate from their main website and designed specifically to introduce new people to what the church is all about.
  2. A sign with the slogan and the new web address
  3. A photo session (this is easier for a church to pull off since everyone is gathered in one place, but still an easy step)
  4. The time to upload the pictures to Facebook, tag people, and encourage them to use the pictures as profile images

Then the social network took it from there. Props to Covenant for this cool campaign. I hope it drives a lot of traffic!

Do you have any other examples of churches or other local businesses making good use of social media? Please share in the comments.

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