LastPass is a password management tool that enables you to save passwords and usernames. It allows you to auto login to any site and sync all passwords anywhere you require them. It takes all the effort out of managing your passwords. LastPass makes password generation, management, and deployment very simple and seamless. The question now is, how to Use LastPass?

LastPass is available for Windows, Linux, iOS, OS X, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Mobile and webOS.

Installing and Setting up LastPass Account

Open and download appropriate software for your OS. In this case we will download the package for Windows, but the steps are pretty much the same for different OS. Run the application.

Select the first option, you do not have an account and wish to create one. Enter your email address and select a password. You will be using this password to access your web password vault. Use a strong and memorable password to avoid losing it.

You are prompted to import all the passwords from your web browsers into LastPass. In the next step a list of all your saved sites, their username/passwords, and a toggle for you to deselect and select them for importation into LastPass appears.

The last step is to specify whether or not LastPass should log you out when the browser closes and whether or not your LastPass Vault should be your homepage. If it’s not your personal computer we recommend not setting it as your homepage. Going through the steps above you are now inches away from knowing How to Use LastPass.

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How to Use LastPass Password Sharing

Occasionally, you need to share a password with someone. Rather than sharing it over email, you can securely share passwords easily with LastPass and even prevent the other person from ever seeing the password itself.

Obviously, both of you need to be using LastPass to share passwords via LastPass. Here’s how to use LastPass sharing:

  1. Click the LastPass icon in your browser to open up the LastPass vault. Select “My LastPass Vault”. If the computer you are using does not have the LastPass tool installed, you can access your online vault.
  2. Click on the site whose password you would like to share, and select “Share” link.
  3. Enter the email address of the person you are sharing with. The email address should be the one they use to log into their LastPass account. You can either “share” the password (meaning they can log in but they cannot see the actual password), or “give” them the password (meaning they can read the password).

Once you share, they will receive an email informing them. The password is saved in a folder called “Pending Shares” in the receiver’s account.

Benefits of LastPass

  1. Helps you never forget a password
  2. Helps you generate a strong password
  3. Enables you to share passwords securely
  4. Requires only one master password to access all other passwords
  5. Less typing since passwords are auto filled when accessing sites

With the above information, the how to Use LastPass problem is solved. You can now stop worrying about forgetting passwords!



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