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Anyone who has invested heavily in online advertising will understand the power of remarketing. Most people who visit a page will not take the desired action on the first attempt. Whether you are attempting to sell a product, gain more subscribers, or increase your social following, it is important that people see your brand multiple times.

Remarketing, also referred to as retargeting, is effective, as you can display your brand to people who have already shown an initial interest. A large proportion of people who looked at your content will have some interest in seeing more. Remarketing is often used to try and promote direct offers, but it can also be used for content marketing, showing people other content they might engage with. This content can then be used to build strong relationships that lead to sales. So how does this process work?

Show Ads to Content Consumers

People may find your content from a number of sources. You might engage in email marketing, direct people from social media, or have an effective SEO strategy. Most visitors will leave your site, but you can then show banners directing them to a related piece of content. The more times a person sees your brand, the higher engagement rates tend to be. You may experience a lower click-through rate, as some people start to ignore your ads, but the people who do click will likely be responsive.

Build a Marketing Funnel with Your Content

The key to turning visitors into customers is to build a marketing funnel for each piece of content. Commonly, you will try to sign people up to an email list. You can then send consecutive messages promoting your brand and an offer. Alternatively, you might direct people to a landing page featuring a sales letter or video presentation. You can test the marketing funnel to get a high conversion rate, with your content drawing people in and showing proof of your knowledge.

What Are the Popular Remarketing Networks?

To start a remarketing campaign, you will need to use one of the main networks. Each network offers a different type of advertising, so you can see which suits the needs of your business.


AdRoll works with a huge number of networks, so your ads can appear virtually anywhere. Google, Facebook, and Instagram are all included and you can segment audiences based on hundreds of individual factors. The platform takes much of the guesswork out of running ads, using data from a huge number of campaigns to optimize processes.


Facebook Custom Audiences follows the same principles as remarketing, but works within the Facebook platform. Facebook allows you to upload customer lists, so you can target people with new content and offers. Additionally, you can show ads to website visitors and app users. The size of the Facebook platform and the level of segmentation means it is worth using Custom Audiences when you build a remarketing campaign.


Using Google for remarketing also allows you access to a huge range of sites. The Google Display Network reaches more than 90% of internet users, so you can easily place content in front of your previous visitors. Similar to the other networks, it is important to make use of segmentation and demographic data to optimize responses to ads.


ReTargeter covers both site and customer list remarketing. However, you can also target people based on searches they have made, even if they haven’t visited your site. If a user searches for a particular topic, niche, or location, you can target them with your ads. For content marketing purposes, you could target niche searches, showing ads for your own content to these people.

Many marketers become frustrated by a low conversion rate. However, it is unrealistic to expect the vast majority of visitors to make a purchase on a first contact. Many visitors will have some initial interest, but they need time to become familiar with a brand. Remarketing is one of the most effective ways to continuously promote your brand, ensuring visitors see your promotions on multiple occasions. If you aren’t already experimenting with this type of advertising, now is the time to get started with remarketing.

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