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There is no question that marketing on the internet is more important than ever before. It’s also not going anywhere anytime soon. Indeed, digital marketing is supposed to account for 35% of all business’s advertising budgets by 2016. That number is only going to grow. Online marketing is simply the easiest, most streamlined way to reach customers in this modern day and age. In fact, 61% of all adults used the internet to research products in 2012. In 2015, that number has only continued to grow.

Companies are enlisting the services of internet marketing firms in droves to help make the marketing process simpler. There’s nothing particularly easy about digital marketing, especially if you have no idea where to start. It’s also difficult trying to choose between literally thousands of options when it comes to digital marketing agencies. It can be easy to choose the flashiest and most obvious agency out there, but a local agency may offer more than one that’s far away.

Face-to-Face Contact

If you choose to use a local digital marketing firm, you’ll get one thing you can’t get from a far-off agency: a handshake. Being able to work directly with your marketers facilitates communication and understanding between both sides. It’s easier to fulfill your vision when you can communicate it to a marketing professional who is sitting right in front of you.

They Know the Area

Marketers who are local understand what people in the area are like. They understand their wants and needs more than someone who lives 2,000 miles away. They also know how to gear content toward a specific audience and how to make that content appear higher on search engine queries. One study showed that 80% of all traffic to websites comes from search engine queries. Of course, if you don’t have the right content, then it may be your competitor who shows up higher in a search engine and is more likely to garner business.

Cost Effective

Choosing a big marketing agency that operates hundreds of miles away from your business is probably going to cost a lot. The biggest marketing agencies tend to charge the highest price. You also won’t get as much of a return on your investment. The company may have a few general marketing templates that they employ, but you’re not going to get the dedicated and specific service you would from a local marketing agency.

Dedicated Service

A local marketing agency likely won’t have as many clients as a larger, out-of-town agency. This gives them the ability to provide dedicated focus to your business and marketing strategy. The goal with any digital marketing strategy is to increase your profile and accessibility online. When you consider that 57% of consumers search for local businesses online at least 6 times a year, then it becomes even more valuable to have a dedicated agency working for you.

If you run a local business, then it simply makes sense to go with a local marketing agency. You’ll always be a phone call or a short drive away, and you can expect dedicated service on behalf your marketing strategy.

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