How do I install a WordPress theme?

WordPress does allow you to download and use custom themes for your blog. If you would like to use a different WordPress theme for your blog web site, first of all you will have to download it to your local machine. You can search for a WordPress themes gallery online and download free themes.

To install a WordPress theme, log in to the WordPress Dashboard panel by using the admin username and password. The URL for the WordPress Dashboard panel is usually When you’re logged in, you should see an option “Appearance” on the left side control panel of the Dashboard.

You will see this screen below:
Install WordPress Theme

  1. To upload a wordpress theme make sure the directory is compressed in a ZIP format.
  2. Select the upload tab, select browse and select the file theme zip folder saved on your computer and select the upload button.
  3. If upload correctly the screen will look similar to the image below. If it is successfully uploaded click on the activate button to activate the theme.

WordPress theme installed
NOTE: Not all WordPress themes are compatible with the newest version of WordPress. Make sure, before you install a theme, that it's compatible with your version of WordPress.

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