As part of our continuous effort to give you a better experience we are rolling out a new Service Desk solution to help make it easier for you to communicate with Holony Media. Moving forward, please send all account and project communication to

We recommend adding “Holony Media” to your contacts or address book and saving as our primary email address. This new process will eliminate any question as to who you should contact for any request.

All communication, be it for a new service request, task, troubleshooting, questions, project status, or anything else related to your account with us, can be sent to Any email sent to that address will be automatically assigned a ticket number for reference in our Service Desk system. That system will then notify our team, in real time, so your message can be processed in an efficient and timely manner.

We are excited about this new process as we believe it will streamline communication with our clients and ensure that all queries are being received, processed, and addressed as quickly as possible.

Service Desk Roll Out FAQ

Below are questions to some frequently asked questions along with additional information on how to use this new process to your advantage.

I'm a current customer—what does this change mean to me?

This process will change how you communicate with Holony Media. Instead of emailing a single person, you will now be emailing a central account managed by your Account Champion and other members of our team. Regardless of the request, you now only need to remember one email address: Seriously, ANYTHING related to your account with us can be sent to that one email address and our Service Desk process will kick in.

What happens with my email request? 

Any email sent to that address will be automatically assigned a ticket number in our Service Desk system, which is then emailed back to you for reference That system will then notify our team, in real time, so your message can be processed in an efficient and timely manner.

When can I expect a response? 

When your email is first received, the system will immediately reply with your ticket number.

Our Service Desk is monitored during our normal business hours, M-F, 8am – 6pm. During that time our goal is to provide an almost immediate response, but you can expect a response in no more than 4 hours, depending on our current workload and Service Desk volume.

Outside of our promised monitoring times, you can expect a response within four hours of the start of the next business day, with no more than a 48 hour wait period (if over a weekend).

Any exception to this SLA will be communicated or dictated by individual project or contract terms. 

What if I need a more immediate response? 

Please don’t hesitate to call us at any time! Our office number is (740) 298-4992.

Do I still have an Account Champion? 

Yes! That process has not changed. You still have an Account Champion who is ultimately responsible for your project and is your central point of contact. If you do not know who your account champion is, just let us know!

How do I update or add to tickets once I submit them? 

All ticket updates can be accomplished via email. Simply responding to an existing Service Desk email string will associate any new details to the existing request. You will receive an automated reply after your initial email, and that can be used to begin corresponding on that ticket. 

Is there a portal where I can view my open tickets/requests? 

At this time, we’ll be communicating all ticket updates and status information via email only, but may examine a centralized portal and knowledge base in the next iteration of this system. We would be more than happy to jump on a call or schedule a meeting to review the status of your project/tasks/tickets as requested.

What are examples of things I should send to

Any request related to the work Holony is doing for you can be sent to Including, but not limited to:

  • Updates to your website
  • Questions about reporting and analytics
  • Marketing content and design feedback
  • Meeting scheduling and schedule changes
  • Billing and administrative questions

What are examples of things I should NOT send to

Our new Service Desk is reserved for ANY request or need from current/active clients. Please do not use the email address if you do not have an active service contract with Holony Media.

Instead, please visit for new sales inquiries, for general business inquiries, or dial (866) 933-1659.

Why has Holony decided to implement the new Service Desk process? 

Implementing a Help Desk helps us focus more on “deep work” related to marketing and website development. We believe that this centralized communication process will make things easier for you and for us, preventing your important requests from potentially getting “lost in the shuffle.” We know this process will facilitate better results and a more positive customer service experience.


We strive to provide an exceptional experience with every customer interaction and we believe the Service Desk will allow us to more frequently meet that expectation while reserving the energy and focus required to deliver the deep creative work your account demands.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our new Service Desk process or policies, please let us know at and we’ll put our new process to work!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

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