Adding a menu item


  1. Log into your Joomla administration area
  2. Highlight "menus" from the top menu and click the menu you would like to add an item to (top menu is typically named "Main Menu")
  3. Click "new" in upper right
  4. Next to "Menu Item Type" click "select" and choose the type of menu item you would like to create
    • K2 users: under K2, choose "item" to link directly to a K2 article, or "categories" to select a category
  5. Enter the name you'd like to give the menu item in the "Menu Title" field - this is what will show up on the site
  6. If the menu item will be under an existing item (known as a "parent" item), then select the correct menu name from the "Parent Item" field. Otherwise leave this field set to "Menu Item Root"
  7. On the right hand column, under the first section, select the article or category you would like to display


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