People Are Searching for You Online

Internet search results are the new phone book in this technology-driven world. If you have a local service area or have an address that you want customers to find, it’s critical for your website to appear in geographically relevant listings. We’ll use local search engine marketing strategies to make it easy for nearby customers to find you online.

Improving Your Visibility

Local SEO is about more than just the text on your website. When a potential customer queries for local businesses like attorneys, mechanics, restaurants, or plumbers, search engines pinpoint their location to present local listings in a special map format.

This list displays company names, addresses, and phone numbers for easy access. We help make your company visible by building out your profiles and listings in location-specific directories like Google Places, Yahoo Local, and Yelp. Any business that focuses on local customers or clients’ needs to appear up high in these listings, and we know how to boost your ranking.

Attracting Mobile Traffic

A recent study showed that the majority of American adults now own smartphones—not just regular cell phones. This means that your customers are increasingly searching the internet on the go. Through local search engine marketing you can be sure to reach these mobile customers no matter what device they use to find you. Your business will appear on apps that present results by location, like Google Maps or Yelp. From there it takes only a click for customers to find their way to your doorstep.