Holony Media is a certified minority-owned digital marketing agency specializing in website design & development, search engine optimization (SEO), online advertising solutions, content marketing, and public relations. The company is MBE/EDGE Certified through the State of Ohio’s Department of Administrative Services (DAS).


Ohio MBE Certification Letter

Holony Media MBE Certification Letter

Ohio EDGE Certification Letter


82101701 Banner advertising services
82100000 Advertising
82101800 Advertising agency services
82101801 Advertising campaign services
82101603 Internet advertising
60105409 Brand marketing or advertising instructional materials
82141500 Art design services
81112103 World wide web WWW site design services
82140000 Graphic design
81111503 Systems integration design
82141505 Computer generated design services
82141502 Art design or graphics
82000000 Editorial and Design and Graphic and Fine Art Services
81112215 Content management software maintenance
43232200 Content management software
82111500 Technical writing
82111700 Creative writing
82111704 Copywriting
80141506 Internet based market research
43233510 Mobile internet services software
81112107 Internet domain names
83121703 Internet related services
43232704 Internet directory services software
82101903 Internet placement
81111509 Internet or intranet client application development services
81111510 Internet or intranet server application development services

80171602 Online and social media publicity service
80171802 Media relations and advisory service
81112212 Customer relationship management software maintenance
81111810 Software coding service
43232100 Content authoring and editing software
43232107 Web page creation and editing software
81112214 Content authoring and editing software maintenance
81112105 World wide web WWW site operation host services
81112104 Web search engine providers
80171700 Reputation and brand management services
80171702 Brand promotion and management service
80171603 Publicity and marketing advisory service
80141612 Sales or marketing programs
80141505 Marketing plans
80140000 Marketing and distribution
43231514 Sales and marketing software
80141601 Sales promotion services
80141600 Sales and business promotion activities
80141618 Sales marketing agencies including print
45111816 Logo generator
80111619 Temporary creative services
82101508 Trade or service directory or yellow page advertising
80171701 Reputation management service
80141509 Market intelligence or competitive analysis
80141501 Marketing analysis


541430 Graphic Design Services
541511 Custom Computer Programming Services
541614 Marketing Consulting Services
541810 Advertising Agencies
541820 Public Relations Agencies
541890 Other Services Related to Advertising
518210 Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services
519130 Internet Publishing and Broadcasting and Web Search Portals
511210 Software Publishers
541830 Media Buying Agencies
541910 Marketing Research and Public Opinion Polling