Making the Most of Your Ad Budget

If you want to reach a targeted audience, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is the perfect plan. PPC puts you completely in control of your message and your expenses.

How Does PPC Work?

When those small ads appear on the side of your Google results or your Facebook profile, you’re seeing pay-per-click advertisements. They’re tailored to your individual interests through your search history. Even if you never click them, they make an impression on you every single day.

As a business owner, cost per click advertising allows you to track the effectiveness of your campaign much more precisely than any traditional method (billboards, newspaper ads, radio spots, etc). The sheer amount of data collected by a computer-based advertising system is a boon to your marketing analysis. And it’s not just good for you. PPC ads are far more useful to potential customers, because the ads they see reflect what they’re already looking for.

Our PPC Services

It all starts with your goals for your ad campaign. Do you want to drive more traffic to your website? Do you want to turn more clicks into sales? Are you trying to reach a wider audience? With these goals in mind, we help you write brief ads that focus on keywords relevant to your business. Your ads appear when people search for those keywords, and you pay a set amount—usually a few cents—each time your ad is clicked.

Keyword Research

Just like SEO services, we start by evaluating your current website, competition, and relevant industry keywords. This initial planning helps us discover the frequency, effectiveness, and cost per click of possible advertising keywords. Keywords are subject to market rates—popular ones cost more money per click. We’ll work with you to analyze which keywords will offer the best bang for your buck.

Getting in Front of Your Audience

Once we’ve determined what keywords will benefit your business, we start placing ads. We can advertise on search engines like Google and Bing, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well other websites around the web.

Each month we’ll review your reports and use what we’ve learned to re-calibrate your strategy, eliminating what doesn’t work and enhancing what does.