Increase Traffic from Search Engines

At Holony Media, we’ve built a time-tested toolkit of search engine optimization strategies that will help improve your website’s relevancy and authority, increasing the frequency that it appears in search results. We will work with you to create an SEO plan that’s tailored to your business goals—and your budget.

SEO Evaluation

To determine what strategies will have the greatest impact on your business, we start by evaluating your current website, competition, and relevant industry keywords. This initial planning helps us outline a strategy for increasing your website’s visibility. Keep in mind that SEO works best when it’s cyclical. We’ll help you analyze results of your initial efforts, and continue to tailor your SEO campaign for future improvement.

Content Optimization

The best way to help potential customers find your website is to provide high quality, relevant content that targets terms related to your market niche. To help search engines find and identify this content, your website needs to be set up with standard structural elements like heading tags, friendly URLs, page titles, and more. We’ll help you develop the content you need to rank and ensure it’s optimized to appeal to both search engines and customers.

Building Authority

Even if you offer the best content in your industry, you won’t automatically appear atop the search results. That’s because there’s an external aspect to website ranking: authority (also known as PageRank). Authority increases as more and more websites link to yours. Think of it as the digital version of word-of-mouth recommendations. Search engines see each link to your site as a vote for its quality and usefulness. The link building strategy we develop for you will help promote your content and increase your website’s authority.