Join the Conversation

As a two-way method of communication, social media adds a new dimension to the traditional marketing paradigm. Your business can benefit from social media by using it to build relationships, reputations, and conversations.

Why Go Social?

It’s simple: You want customers to like you. Think about your own experience. How do you select service providers? If two barbers give haircuts of similar quality and price, you’ll choose the one you personally like or the one your friends recommended. Sometimes the hardest part in winning new customers or clients isn’t proving your experience—it’s differentiating yourself from the competition. Social media can help you establish those friendly feelings that truly can make a difference.

Social Media Integration

Our developers can easily connect your website to social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more. We can link your existing profiles to your website and enable social sharing within your content. When you add social content in strategic parts of your site, it’s so much easier to keep things fresh and interesting for repeat visitors.

Social Media Management

If you’re looking for help beyond initial setup, Holony can manage your social media profiles so you can focus on your business.We know that using social media isn’t hard—but using it strategically and efficiently can be tricky. You’ll benefit from our years of experience in social strategy as wework with you to develop communication plans that help your business reach its goals. We can post updates across different platforms, moderate comments and conversations, upload photos and videos, and manage profile data and passwords.